About Us


Yuyari Village is a company with a high degree of social responsibility. We aim to create significant social impact in Latin American countries by supporting local communities in the promotion and commercialization of their products. Our products are made by artisans and small-scale producers in Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, and Argentina, following fair trade principles. We empower artisans and producers to develop their activities by ensuring access to a fair wage.

In addition, Yuyari Village (Yuyari meaning “idea” in Kichwa – the indigenous language of Ecuador) creates channels of knowledge transfer to support artisans in the improvement of their production processes.


Promote fair trade in an integral manner, providing training to artisans and small-scale producers to improve their production processes, and creating channels to enhance the visibility and commercialization of the products in foreign markets.


Promote the integral development of communities within our network, assuring that fair trade benefits reach the artisans and producers by means of sustainable development projects.