For individuals

Do you believe in doing well by making good? If so, you are probably (or want to become) an impact investor. As an impact investor, you might be looking for projects and/or companies with well-defined standards to achieve a high social and environmental performance in order to make a positive impact for the world 🌎.

ESG investing 

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance principles when making investment decisions. This encompasses companies and projects that seek financial performance caring about their impact on society and environment.

We encourage you to train yourself and learn how to manage your own ESG portfolio. Understanding the principles of investing and the expected relation between risk and return, will allow you to make informed decisions. 

For this purpose, our services include: 

  • Assessing risk profile and investments needs 
  • Designing and monitoring impact portfolios
  • Screening for the best ESG securities (bonds, stocks, mutual funds) in the market 
  • Training in fundamental and technical analysis to invest
  • Practical tips to start investing yourself